WEBINAR: The Gut-Brain Axis

A new evidence-based way to improve your brain health and mood: THE GUT-BRAIN AXIS WEBINAR REPLAY

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$37 includes 2.5+Hour Webinar Video Replay, PDF PowerPoint Presentation Slides link + BONUS MATERIALS all emailed directly to your inbox.

Do you know that alongside exercise, mental stimulation, quality sleep, nutrition, socialization and stress management, the health of your gut is the latest pillar of brain health?
Is your doctor talking to you about the gut-brain axis and how to apply new research that provides a road map on how to make better food choices for the health of your gut and by extension, your brain?
We didn’t think so.
Let Dr. Sullivan empower you to use this underappreciated aspect of health to your benefit for treating your brain health challenge with evidence-based information and recommendations.
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With your purchase of the webinar video replay, you will receive all the high-quality information needed to make the best, most informed decisions for this important contributor of your brain health.

The gut-brain axis refers to the two-way relationship between the brain and the gastrointestinal tract, sometimes called “the second brain.”

New neuroscience research is clear that the microbiota, the collection of good and bad bacteria colonized in our gastrointestinal tract, is the main influencer on how the gut and the brain communicate and regulates our ability to handle stress and our mood (depression and anxiety), our thinking abilities, the immune system especially inflammation and even cause or worsen neurological conditions.

In this webinar video, Dr. Sullivan will:

  • Provide you with a critical summary of the latest research on the gut-brain axis with a focus on the microbiota, including how a disturbed intestinal microbiome may be related to neurological disease, using Parkinson’s disease as an example;


  • Explain how your childhood, history of antibiotic use and what you eat today shapes gut bacteria for better or worse;


  • Inform you how to regulate inflammation, the core characteristic that drives many Western diseases, through a gut-friendly diet and share which foods have the most research support for the healthiest gut;


  • Share the current thinking on pre- and probiotics; and


  • Discuss how the new treatment of fecal transplantation (yes, a poop transplant) may help several brain health challenges, including Essential Tremor.

With the Webinar purchase, you will receive via email:

  • a link to watch the webinar video
  • a PDF link for Dr. Sullivan’s PowerPoint presentation for future reference
  • 7-Day Gut-Brain Food Challenge Tracker PDF
  • 10 Gut-Brain Health Powerhouses PDF


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