Approach to Brain Health


Three women smiling for a picture together.I CARE FOR YOUR BRAIN was founded on the belief that successful cognitive aging is more than just brain health. It is a multi-dimensional concept that in addition to being brain-based but is rooted in physical health, social and spiritual connectedness, and vital engagement in life.

Brain Fitness Problem

A microphone is shown in front of blurry lights.This one-size-fits-all approach of the current brain health marketplace neglects what brain scientists know to be true. A more science-based approach is needed that educates the public about the genetic and lifestyle factors known to influence brain health throughout a lifetime. In order to experience true brain health, adults must learn to replace the mistruths of the so-called brain fitness industry and be taught science-based recommendations that really work.

We have a responsibility to do better.


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Dr. Sullivan’s Solution: Powered by Science. Driven  by You.

A microphone is shown in front of blurry lights.Through two interactive communities (in-person and online), Neuropyschologist Karen D. Sullivan, PhD, ABPP, delivers nine monthly lectures on what brain scientists know are the pillars of brain health.  No sales pitch, no gimmicks, no hype. Dr. Sullivan begins every lecture with science-based education and concludes with clear, evidence-based actions steps you can take to immediately start to truly care for your brain. Information is delivered in an engaging, easy-to-understand style that gives you everything you need to turn learning into action!

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Community Partners

A microphone is shown in front of blurry lights.I CARE FOR YOUR BRAIN has multiple North Carolina Life Plan Communities who’ve provided this award-winning program to their residents and their families, staff and their greater communities.

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