Why I Am Doing This?


A microphone is shown in front of blurry lights.After completing the first lecture series at Penick Village CCRC in June 2016, I am expanding the reach of the I CARE FOR YOUR BRAIN with Dr. Sullivan program into the broader community with a new website, videos of the lectures offered online and a free Facebook page.

I was asked many times to consider taping the lecture series so each could be watched again or shared with others. Many of you told me you were disappointed to miss a lecture or really wanted your friend or daughter to hear the information in the lecture. Some of you didn’t find out about the I CARE FOR YOUR BRAIN program until the end of Year One.

I want us to build a community where we can engage and discuss the important topics older adults want to know about, a place where we can learn and motivate each other with valid, science-based information and guaranteed-to-work brain health solutions!

Never again waste your money, time or hope on products or ideas that don’t work. There are so many free, totally accessible things you can do every day to truly help your brain.

You just need to think like a brain scientist and know what they are!


A microphone is shown in front of blurry lights.