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This 116-page guide features my 10 Rules of Rehab. These rules are the result of my thorough review of the current scientific literature on stroke recovery and neuroplasticity. Once these rules are understood, they can be applied to any post-stroke symptoms to achieve a maximum recovery. Learn more…

$17 PAPERBACK (plus N.C. sales tax and shipping)

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We are offering the ICFYB Interactive Stroke Recovery Guide in a digital format for those for whom international shipping costs make the guide cost prohibitive.

The digital version will come in two sections:

  • The entire 116-page guide; and
  • A grouping of all the interactive exercises and printouts for ease of printing.


What Brain Experts Say About the ICFYB Interactive Stroke Guide:

Dr. Sullivan’s approach to stroke recovery health combines cutting-edge science and practical wisdom from her work as a clinical neuropsychologist. She brings impeccable academic credentials, humor and compassion to her work in this field. Stroke survivors and caregivers will be reassured to have such a high-quality guide in their recovery toolbox. Dr. Sullivan’s 10 Rules of Rehab are spot on and bring together the fields of neuroplasticity and positive psychology to help people navigate the healing of both brain and person following a stroke. The I CARE FOR YOUR BRAIN Interactive Stroke Recovery Guide offers a thoughtful, evidence-based neuropsychological approach to care and the stroke community will be much better for it.


Past President, American Academy of Clinical Neuropsychology

Fellow, National Academy of Neuropsychology

Faculty Scholar, Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School

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I LOVE the Interactive Stroke Recovery Guide! The book was filled with great tools and resources. So many of the tools are things that I integrate in my work with people living chronic disease. I love seeing it all in one place. What a quality resource!”

Clinical Social Worker Specializing in Chronic Illness and Neurological Disease

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Dr. Sullivan’s Interactive Stroke Recovery Guide is the most comprehensive and resourceful book I’ve ever read that is specifically written for stroke survivors like me, on neuropsychology and rehab. It is a necessary resource and addresses an area that often gets overlooked for stroke and brain injury survivors – mental health. The presentation is clear, engaging, friendly and fun! It should be a mandatory outpatient rehab guide distributed to stroke patients when they are discharged from the hospital. No stroke survivor should go without this book!

Stroke Survivor and Host/Co-Producer of The NeuroNerds Podcast

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